Saturday, April 21, 2012

First Aid Film Cannister Cub Scout Neckerchief Slides

We lost our website where we stored our files.  We asked Akela's Council blog to store our files for us.  You can find the information by clicking here.

For Roundtable this month, our Core Value was Health and Fitness.  We made campfire neckerchief slides, and we also made First Aid Kit neckerchief slides.  I have seen whole dens at Day Camp wearing these.  Then, if a boy needs a band aid, he has one and can put it on.  It can also pass off having a first aid kit for the younger boys.

To make these, you will need:
  • film canisters
  • first aid stickers I made and saved as a PDF you can print here (see below for what kind of labels, then print, and cut each label in half) or look at the bottom of the page for a jpg picture of it you can cut & paste if you don't want to print 60 above.
  • band aids - I gave them 4 different sizes
  • alcohol packets (I got 100 at Walmart for $1.99)
  • black pipe cleaners (I cut into 1/3)
  • safety pin
  • and I also had them put in a Jolly Rancher Candy
  • They used to put in 25 cents for a payphone - times have changed :)

I used a drill with a 3/32 drill bit to drill 2 small holes in the back of the film cannister.

Then put in the black pipe cleaners, and twist the very ends, then fold the ends back so it won't poke you while you wear it.

Once you have in the pipe cleaner, and know where the back of the film canister is, put the first aid sticker on the front.

Stack the bandaids - I gave them one of each of 4 sizes, fold the alcohol packet in half and place it on top of the stack, then roll it up like a sleeping bag.

Place them in the container, add the safety pin and Jolly Rancher candy, and put the lid on.  You are done.  Hope you enjoy!


  1. So cool I needed to make this for the Webelo II den after they completed the Readyman pin. Thank you so much for the GREAT idea. Pack 630 Grand Island, NY

    1. I am so glad it worked for you! Webelos is the best! I sure enjoyed mine.

  2. Used this tonight for our Wolf den, it worked out extremely well. The boys were interested doing it, and excited at the end result. Thank you so much for sharing this info, in a way so easy to understand and replicate. Absolutely top notch. Thank you again.

    1. Thanks for letting me know. It makes it worthwhile to share when you feel others are benefiting from your work.

  3. This is wonderful, and so easy to put together. Our Wolf Den will be putting them together tomorrow night. Since I'm really visual, the step-by-step pics really helped.

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