Saturday, March 10, 2012

Cubannapolis or Cub Scout Annapolis

We have asked the Akela's Council Blog to store our files.  You can go there to read more info on this post and download the files.   

The Cubannapolis is an amazingly fun Cub Scout activity.  I hope you will give it a try.  Our boys enjoyed it MUCH more than the pinewood derby.  It was a lot more low key and fun and funny.  We got lots of great pictures!

I made up a rules sheet you could use.  Take it to Alphagraphics Copy Store and they can blow it up to 2 feet x 3 feet for $1.59, and then you can color in the different words with markers.  Go to the Akela's Council Blog to download it.


 The boys had so much fun, that dads didn't want to miss out.  After the boys got done, there were many races between the dads.  The kids loved being in their dads pit stops to help their dads win the race!  So much fun... 

 See the tunnel in front of the Cubmaster?  The boys could go through it or around it.  Most chose to go through it.  It was very popular!


  1. That looks like a lot of fun. How many boys in your pack? Our pack is pretty large with 63 boys. Wondering how to run this with a lot of kids.

    1. We had about 15-18 boys at the time. We had plenty of extra time to let them run lots of different races, and then the boys fathers got into it. The boys didn't want the night do end, and kept doing it over and over. You could do less laps - maybe 3, and just maybe let the top ones move on but I think it would still work well. I have also heard about packs doing it outside in the summertime and that would also work well with a larger group. And, if there were any "wrecks", there would be a softer landing.