Saturday, February 27, 2016

April 2016 Resource Sheet

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March Roundtable

On March 3 at 7pm Alpine District will hold our Cub Round Table at 11162 N Alpine Hwy. The theme is Strike up the Band. The core value/scout law will be Cheerful. Come learn and share some of the great crafts and ideas different that other packs have implemented.
Our break out classes are designed especially for your individual position.
• A New leader Training class will be offered each month
• All the forms you need can be found
• The scouting “Green Bible” also known as the Scouting Handbook for the Church Units in the USA can be found at Every cub leader should be familiar with it.
As I look out my window and see the wild weather w are having I think of the phrase "March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb". Starting out as a new leader in the Scouting program and working with a bunch of energetic boys is often like March weather. They come in as Bears and go out as "loyal Scouts" (Webelos). the best way to teach sanity in an insane world is to rise above it. the positive character values that are being taught to the boys with each activity, teaches the that they are important and they can do hard things. Spring time is also the time when the boys will start sports & outside activities. Take a moment to review with the how to be safe and play fair. Talking about Honesty, Respect, Health and Fitness,and a Positive Attitude, helps each boy learn how to "BE" the best he can in all that he does. Playing is a time for learning, it is practicing what they know.
More is caught than taught when it comes to working with young boys. Plan your play time to be productive. -Nancy Brimhall

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

February Resource Sheet

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February's Roundtable

Just a reminder that Roundtable is this Thursday at 7:00 at the Highland Northeast Chapel, 11162 N Alpine Hwy, Highland (north of Chevron). Please spread the word.