Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Elephant neckerchief slide idea - Core Value Responsibility - Jungle of Fun

We made this fun elephant neckerchief at Roundtable.  It fits in perfectly with the Cub Scout theme for October - Jungle of Fun.  You can find the instructions at

Halloween Pumpkin neckerchief slide idea

We made this Halloween Pumpkin neckerchief slide at Roundtable this month.  Instructions are posted at

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Halloween Neckerchief Slide idea


I found these small metal pins or buttons at Oriental Trading on clearance.  They were super cheap, and I realized that I could turn them into neckerchief slides by just glueing on a back.  With the pin already on them, it helped hold the glue tight.  They are kind of small - only 1", but I think they are just perfect.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

50 Great States Neckerchief Slides - Core Value Citizenship - Theme 50 Great States

The Cub Scout Theme in November is 50 Great States and the Core Value is Citizenship.  I had fun making up these neckerchief slides.  I hope you enjoy them. To make them:
  • Print out the color PDF with the colored United States with the "50 Great States" logo.  It was prepared to be printed on business cards and cut in half, but you can also print it on cardstock.
  • Print the Instructions PDF on Cardstock, and cut out the state of Utah.  Turn it over and trace it backwards onto fun foam.  (If you turn it over before tracing, you won't see pen marks on the finished slide)
  • Cut out the foam pieces.
  • Turn the foam piece over and glue it to the colored "50 Great States" colored picture with a glue gun making sure the pen marks are on the back of the state of Utah
  • Attach a back to the neckerchief slide.  I like to use 1/2" PVC pipe cut into small strips.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Cub Scout Themes 2012-2013, 2013-2014, 2014-2015, 2015-2016, 2016-2017

 Cub Scout Themes 2012-2018


Core Value

Supplemental Pack Meeting Themes to Enhance the Meaning of the Core Values

Set A

Set B

Set C






Hometown Heroes

Amazing Games

Under the Big Top



Jungle of Fun

Down on the Farm

Dollars and Sense



50 Great States

Your Vote Counts

Give Goodwill



Holiday Lights

Passport to Other Lands

Stars and Stripes


Positive Attitude


Lights, Camera, Action

Yes, I Can



Turn Back the Clock

Invention Convention

Litter to Glitter



Planting Seeds of Kindness

Pet Pals

Aware and Care



Cub Scouts Give Thanks

My Family Tree

Soaring the Skies


Health and Fitness

Cub Café

Destination Parks

Backyard Fun



Head West, Young Man

Over the Horizon

Go for the Gold



Cubs in Shining Armor

Space - The New Frontier

Under the Sea



Kids Against Crime

Heroes of History

Play Ball

To see & print the new themes for 2015-2017, CLICK HERE

Theme: 50 Great States ideas for the Wolf Den and Bear Den - Skits, Game, Song, Crafts and Activities

Theme: 50 Great States

 Have a large map of the United States out and have everyone mark where they are from – supply yarn and colored pins so each family can mark where family members have lived

Den Meeting Idea:
Have the families ask relatives and friends to send postcards from where they live.  See if as a group, your boys can collect all 50 states!

Skit, Joke or Run on:
Q: What kind of perfume did Americans use 300 years ago?
A: Cologne-ial

Q: What was on the bottom of America’s foot?
A: The Civil Wart

Q: Where was the Declaration of Independence signed?
A: On the bottom
Utah National Parks Council Pow Wow Book 2012-2013 pg 61

Game:The Fifty Stars Relay Game
Divide the group into equal teams lined up a few feet away from a table.  Place a bowl on the table for each team. Lay 50 cutout paper stares approximately 2 inches in diameter on the table beside each bowl.  Give each player his own straw.  On a signal, the first player in each team runs forward and picks up one star (or as many as he can with one breath) by sucking on the straw, thus holding the star to the end of the straw.  No hands!  He releases the stars into the bowl, and then funs to tag the next player and goes to the end of the line.  He may need to run again.  The first team to have all 50 stars in the bowl is the winner.  The game could be varied by using the original 13 stars for a smaller group of boys.
Hint: If you use tissue paper, it is easier to pick up.
Utah National Parks Council Pow Wow Book 2012-2013 pg 57

Song:God Bless America:
God bless America, land that I love,
Stand beside her and guide her
Through the night with a light from above.
From the mountains, to the prairies,
To the oceans white with foam.
God Bless America, my home sweet home,
God Bless America, my home sweet home,

Craft or Activity:
·         Know your Home and Community Wolf Achievements 4 Be Safe at home and on the Street Wolf Achievement 9
·         Build a toolbox - Bear Achievement 20b - this makes a great gift for the boys to give their dads.  Plan on at least 2 weeks to complete the project.
·         Law Enforcement Bear Achievement 7
·         Ways we worship Bear Achievement 1

Belt Loop: Family Travel, Geography, Geology, Map and Compass, and Photography

Neckerchief Slide: Click here

Core Value: Respect ideas for the Wolf Den and Bear Den - Skits, Game, Song, Crafts and Activities

Core Value: Respect

Skit, Joke, Run-on:

Four Cubs sit on the floor and pretend to be on a boat rowing together.  Another cub stands at the front of the boat and yells “Harder men! Row harder!”.  One of the rowing Cubs says “Captain! Captain!”.    The captain says “Not now Johnson, I am busy!”.  Captain then returns to looking worried and saying “Row harder men, row harder!”.

Once again the Cub yells “Captain! Captain!”.  The Captain says “Johnson! I said BE QUIET!”.  The Cubs continue rowing for a few seconds.  And then the Cub tries one more time “Captain! Captain!”.  The captain yells “What Johnson, WHAT?”.  The Cub then says “Do you think I should untie the boat from the pier?”.


With a piece of sidewalk chalk or blue painters tape, draw 8 lines, intersecting in “star” fashion, all radiating from the center, to indicate the points of the compass. One line should point due north.  One scout now takes up his position at the outer end of each line to represent one of the eight principal points of the compass. The leader now calls out any two points, such as SE and N.  The two scouts at those points must immediately change places.  Anyone moving out of place without his point being named, or moving to a wrong place, should lose a point.  When changing places, scouts must not cross the lines, but must go outside the circle of players.  When a scout loses three points, he is out.

R-E-S-P-E-C-T (TUNE:Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star)
What’s it mean for you and me?
Honor, care, civility, Even when we disagree.

Those that fight are bound to fall, United we can do it all.

We are Cubs and we agree:
Keep the promise, Do our best,
Give good will and all the rest,
I’ll do for you , you do for me,

That’s how we build community.
Utah National Parks Council Pow Wow Book 2012-2013 pg 93

Craft or Activity:
·         Make a gift or toy and give it to someone. Wolf Elective 9b-c
Make a picture frame out of craft sticks or fun foam.  Have each boy decorate his frame. Insert a photo of himself or a picture he drew.

·         Bake Cookies. Bear Achievement 9a
Use the recipe in the bear book.  Bake and have the boys take cookies to a neighbor.
Make snacks for Pack meeting. Bear Achievement 9b
Chex mix Muddy Buddys or Popcorn balls  are simple to make and can be make the week ahead in Den meeting and then served at pack night.

Belt loop: Disabilities Awareness
 Language and Culture
Wildlife Conservation