Friday, November 30, 2012

Glass Stones Blue and Gold Neckerchief Slide

This fun neckerchief slide would be a good one to do for the boys for the Blue and Gold Banquet.  I found these cute "bottle cap images" on the site below for sale.  I bought them, and printed them on a size 4x6 on glossy photo paper.  Looking back, I wish I would have printed them on a nice regular paper.  I think having it on glossy photo paper made it hard for the modge podge to dry.

To make these cute neckerchief slides, buy the images below, and print the set of 12 out on a 4x6 paper, cut them out and add a little modge podge to the back of the glass stone, put the paper image on that and then add another small layer of modge podge to the back of the paper.  Let dry and put a back on them made out of 1/2" PVC pipe.  They did not cost much, and are a cute and easy neckerchief slide.  The company stopped selling these bottlecaps, so I made some of my own.  Click here to go to the page where I have them ready to download.

The first time I printed them I did it a size 5x7, but that made them a little too large to do them with the glass stones, so I just put a back on them.  I really quite like them.  They are cute and cheap!  You can see the difference in size above and below.

If you want to learn how to do the neckerchief slides that way, I have put that tutorial on our Akela's Council blog.  Click here.
Bottle Cap Image Sheet (No.103) - Cub Scouts - 4x6 bottlecap 1 inch round bottle cap digital collage images

The company stopped selling these bottlecaps, so I made some of my own.  Click here to go to the page where I have them ready to download.

Thanksgiving Pilgrim and Indian Neckerchief Slide

I found these cute foam stickers at Hobby Lobby.  I cut out oval shapes in foam a little bigger than the stickers, and put the stickers on them.  Then I added a back and they were done.  Cute, fast, and easy!


Sunday, November 11, 2012

How To Ideas for Teaching Cub Scouts and Kids About Fingerprinting - Who Stole the Cookie from the Cookie Jar?

This idea came from Jill Ball... thanks Jill!

Bear Scouts Achievement 7a, Law Enforcement is a Big Job - Practice one way police gather evidence: taking fingerprints, taking shoe prints, or taking tire track casts.

We started the activity with talking about the importance of helping our Law Enforcers by being good citizens and helping other.

I gave each boy their own notebook and pencil.   I then "swore" them in as "Honorary Akela Detectives".  We started by fingerprinting each boy.  I first had them wipe their hands with wet wipes and we used a stamp pad to finger print each boy in his note book.  We then looked at the finger prints though a magnifying glass to try and determine the type of their finger prints (loops, whorls, etc).

I then made up a fun finger print game for them to play.  Ahead of time I took pictures of people from our neighborhood that each boy knew and would recognize, one of them was our Den Chief.  I took two sets of finger prints from each person.  I taped one set of prints along with their picture to a poster board along with the words, "Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?"  On a second poster I taped the other set of prints with the location where they were found (ice cream carton, candy bar wrapper, etc with one being on the cookie jar).  The boys then had to match up the finger prints to figure out who's matched with the cookie jar.  I was a great activity and the boys loved it.

After the activity, I also let them play around with making animals out of their fingerprints using the book Ed Emberley's Fingerprint Drawing Book.  They LOVED this activity!





Christmas Lights neckerchief slide idea - Core Value Respect - Theme Holiday Lights

The Theme for December is Holiday Lights and the Core Value is Respect.  The neckerchief slide idea we made at Roundtable this month has been posted on the Akela's Council blog.  This month we made Christmas Lights out of fun foam. Click here to print out the pattern and to find out more.