Tuesday, October 9, 2012

50 Great States Neckerchief Slides - Core Value Citizenship - Theme 50 Great States

The Cub Scout Theme in November is 50 Great States and the Core Value is Citizenship.  I had fun making up these neckerchief slides.  I hope you enjoy them. To make them:
  • Print out the color PDF with the colored United States with the "50 Great States" logo.  It was prepared to be printed on business cards and cut in half, but you can also print it on cardstock.
  • Print the Instructions PDF on Cardstock, and cut out the state of Utah.  Turn it over and trace it backwards onto fun foam.  (If you turn it over before tracing, you won't see pen marks on the finished slide)
  • Cut out the foam pieces.
  • Turn the foam piece over and glue it to the colored "50 Great States" colored picture with a glue gun making sure the pen marks are on the back of the state of Utah
  • Attach a back to the neckerchief slide.  I like to use 1/2" PVC pipe cut into small strips.

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