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Theme: Holiday Lights ideas for the Wolf Den and Bear Den - Skits, Game, Song, Crafts, Activities, & Neckerchief Slide

Theme: Holiday Lights
Skits, Jokes and Run ons:
News Flash: A boy runs on interrupting the leader “We interrupt this program for an important news flash.” He then turns flash light on and off, shining it into the audience, then runs off.
Utah National Parks Council Pow wow Book, 2012-2013 page 98
Snow Clothes Relay:
Materials: Two outfits of outside winter clothing (i.e. coats, mittens, boots, snow pants, scarf, hat, etc) and two paper bags.

Directions:  Place the clothing in two bags.  Divide the boys into 2 teams.  One team member must run across the room put the clother on in order of receiving them out of the bag.  Then run across the room and take it all off, for the next player to put on.  First team to have all players finish, wins the game.
Utah National Parks Pow Wow Book 2012-1013 page 89

S-A-N-T-A (Tune: BINGO)
There was a chubby merry man
And Santa was his name-o
S-A-N-T-A, S-A-N-T-A, S-A-N-T-A
And Santa was his name-o
Utah National Parks Council Pow Wow Book 2012-2013 page 93

Crafts and Activities:

Tin Punched Christmas Ornaments
·         Lids from frozen juice cans
·         Copies of pattern
·         Tape
·         Large nails
·         Scrap lumber
·         Acrylic paints or markers
·         Fishing line or ribbon
Directions: Tape a pattern to a lid.  Lay lid on piece of scrap lumber to protect the work surface.  Using hammer and nail, punch a small hole through each dot for each design.  Add one more hole for hanging . Paint if desired.  Hang on tree or put two or three together with ribbon as a wall hanging. Utah National Parks Council Pow Wow Book 2012-2013 pg 101
The link below is to a blog that demonstrates how this is to be done.

Ojos de dios  or Eyes of God.

The link below gives pictures and instructions on how to make these ornaments

Paper Bag Luminary
·         Brown paper lunch bag for each scout
·         Simple paterns
·         Pencils
·         Punches
·         Votive candles
·         Sand
Directions: Take a brown paper lunch bag and trace a simple pattern in pencil on oneside.  Punch out your design with a hole punch.  Fill each luminary with about 2 inches of sand. Sink a votive candle or tea light in the center.  Place the luminaries along a walk, patio or deck.  Have a grown up light them.
Utah National Parks Council Pow Wow Book 2012-2013 pg 101

Reindeer head ornament or neckerchief slide

·         Craft Sticks
·         Googly eyes
·         Plastic ivy or mistletoe
·         Little red pom pom
·         Glue
·         Jute to hang or ring for slide
Directions: Take 3 craft stick.  Place 2 in a “V” with one overlapping at the bottom.  Glue together at the bottom. Glue a little red pom pom at the bottom on top of the stick that overlaps. Place the third stick across the top and ¼ of the way down from the top so that it crosses over the “V”.   It will stick out on both sides.  Glue this stick where it crosses over both sides of “V”.  Glue 2 googly eyes to the “V” just below where the third stick crosses over.  Glue a little piece of ivy in the middle of the third stick. Glue jute or ring behind the ivy.

Belt Loop: Music, Weather

Neckerchief Slide Idea: Click here for instructions

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