Monday, October 8, 2012

Core Value: Respect ideas for the Wolf Den and Bear Den - Skits, Game, Song, Crafts and Activities

Core Value: Respect

Skit, Joke, Run-on:

Four Cubs sit on the floor and pretend to be on a boat rowing together.  Another cub stands at the front of the boat and yells “Harder men! Row harder!”.  One of the rowing Cubs says “Captain! Captain!”.    The captain says “Not now Johnson, I am busy!”.  Captain then returns to looking worried and saying “Row harder men, row harder!”.

Once again the Cub yells “Captain! Captain!”.  The Captain says “Johnson! I said BE QUIET!”.  The Cubs continue rowing for a few seconds.  And then the Cub tries one more time “Captain! Captain!”.  The captain yells “What Johnson, WHAT?”.  The Cub then says “Do you think I should untie the boat from the pier?”.


With a piece of sidewalk chalk or blue painters tape, draw 8 lines, intersecting in “star” fashion, all radiating from the center, to indicate the points of the compass. One line should point due north.  One scout now takes up his position at the outer end of each line to represent one of the eight principal points of the compass. The leader now calls out any two points, such as SE and N.  The two scouts at those points must immediately change places.  Anyone moving out of place without his point being named, or moving to a wrong place, should lose a point.  When changing places, scouts must not cross the lines, but must go outside the circle of players.  When a scout loses three points, he is out.

R-E-S-P-E-C-T (TUNE:Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star)
What’s it mean for you and me?
Honor, care, civility, Even when we disagree.

Those that fight are bound to fall, United we can do it all.

We are Cubs and we agree:
Keep the promise, Do our best,
Give good will and all the rest,
I’ll do for you , you do for me,

That’s how we build community.
Utah National Parks Council Pow Wow Book 2012-2013 pg 93

Craft or Activity:
·         Make a gift or toy and give it to someone. Wolf Elective 9b-c
Make a picture frame out of craft sticks or fun foam.  Have each boy decorate his frame. Insert a photo of himself or a picture he drew.

·         Bake Cookies. Bear Achievement 9a
Use the recipe in the bear book.  Bake and have the boys take cookies to a neighbor.
Make snacks for Pack meeting. Bear Achievement 9b
Chex mix Muddy Buddys or Popcorn balls  are simple to make and can be make the week ahead in Den meeting and then served at pack night.

Belt loop: Disabilities Awareness
 Language and Culture
Wildlife Conservation

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