Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Theme: Planting Seeds of Kindness ideas for the Wolf Den and Bear Den and Webelos Den- Skits, Game, Song, Crafts and Activities

Theme: Planting Seeds of Kindness

Skit Joke or Run-on:
Cub # 1:  What did the gardener say to the garden? 
Cub # 2:  I’ll “see-d” you later.

Cub # 1  May I have 25 cents worth of bird seed? 
Cub # 2:  How many birds do you have?
Cub # 1:  None yet, but I’m gonna grow some!

(Baltimore Area Council)

Game: Seed-Planting Relay
(Baltimore Area Council )
Each person in turn follows a line drawn on the floor by  placing the heel of one foot against the toe of the other. About every 3 feet, he must stop and place a seed in a small-mouthed
jar set about 18 inches on either side of the line. When he  reaches the end, he runs back and touches the next person who plants his seeds in the same manner.

Song: When We’re Helping We’re Happy
(Grand Teton Council )

When we’re helping, we’re happy, 
and we sing as we go.
For we like to help (name) 
for we all love him(her) so

Craft or Activity:
 Wolf Ach.# 7d, Bear Ach. # 6g , Webelos #8  and Citizen #8 – Den or Pack Service Project.

Kindness Books
Materials: 3” x 5” paper and markers, pencils or pens. To emphasize that helping others includes those in our own
families. Boys could make coupon books to give to their parents. Leader prepares slips of paper ahead of time; 3” x 5” is a good size. Give each boy about 10. Boys decide what they can do to help their families and write one thing on each coupon or illustrate it by drawing. The  books  are  then  stapled  together,  and  each  boy  gives  his  parents  the book. Parents can redeem the coupons by giving one to their son. He agrees to perform the action illustrated on the coupon . Suggestions for coupons could be: doing something without being asked, picking up toys, a bear hug, helping prepare a meal, drawing a special picture, doing an extra chore, etc.

(Baltimore Area Council)

Belt Loop:

Wildlife Conservation, Good Manners, Pet Care

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