Monday, February 18, 2013

Webelos Woods 2013


An outdoor program and activity for Webelos Scouts and their Dad (or other adult partner)
(Check-in and breakfast from 7:30am - 9am)

To register, go to:
(then click on the Webelos Woods link)
Cost is $16.00 ($8 per scout & $8 per father/guest)

Purpose of Webelos Woods
The purpose of this outdoor experience is to create a genuine desire in all Webelos Scouts to know more about Boy Scouting.  During the day, they will experience being part of a patrol and a troop, learn scouting skills, take a nature hike and participate in a campfire program.  This activity is a natural stepping stone for the Webelos Scout to move into Boy Scouts.  The boys will also complete requirements for Activity Badges and the Arrow of Light.

What to Bring:
Wear You Uniform
Dress appropriately for the weather
Health forms for BOTH Scout and father (or other adult partner)

Role of Father/Guest:
He is our guest
He should help, encourage, and help his boy
He should participate with his Webelos Scout
He should consider himself part of the Scout patrol
He should follow the patrol leader
  • Health Forms need to be on file at the camp for Both Scout and Father/Guest See link to health forms as you register; no physical required
  •  Breakfast and lunch will be provided at camp
  •  Activities will finish between 3:30 and 4pm 
  • The Alpine District Webelos Woods activities begin on Saturday morning; however, campsites at Mutual Dell will be available on Friday night if a father chooses to camp overnight with his son 
  • The Webelos Scout should come wearing his uniform 
  • This is an experience for the Scout, but every boy is REQUIRED to come with either his father or other adult guest
Questions?  Call Nancy Brimhall 801-492-0864
Here is a list of all the requirements that the Boys will be passing off if they attend:
Webelos Badge #3 and #7
Arrow of Light #2 (Partial; B,C, D,E) and #4 and #5
Athlete #2 and #3
Citizen #5
Craftsman #4 (Partial, 1 of 4)
Fitness #1 (Partial, A and B)
Forrester #3 and #4 and #9
Geologist #1,2,4,5,6, possible #3
Naturalist #7 and #8 and #10
Outdoorsman #6, #7, #10, and #11
Readyman #2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,12,13,14,15
Sportsman #2, #4 (Partial, 1 of 2)
If Scout Camps and Cooks Friday night,
Then he passes Outdoorsman #3 and #8

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  1. The link above is sending me to 2012 registration. Is there a better link to use to register?