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April Core Value: FAITH ideas for the Wolf Den, Bear Den and Webelos Den - Skits, Jokes, Run-ons, Game, Song, Crafts and Activities

Core Value: Faith

Skits, Jokes, and Run-ons:
Repaint Skit
(Utah National Parks Council Pow Wow Book 2012-2013 page 183)
(Cubmaster and several Cub Scouts pretend to be painting.)
Cubmaster: I sure hope we get this church painted before it rains.
(Scouts keep painting.)
Cub #1: I think we are going to run out of paint. Maybe we should add some water to thin it. (They add water to the paint and keep painting.)
Cub #2: I think we are still going to run out of paint. We had better add some more water to thin it.
(They do this 1-3 more times before they get the church painted. After they are done, they admire their work for a bit then act like it is raining.)
Cubmaster: Look, all of our paint has washed off! Now what do we do?
Loud, off-stage voice: REPAINT AND THIN NO MORE!


The object of this game is to steal a pine cone without being caught. Choose one boy to guard the cone. He is blindfolded and sits down cross-legged behind, but not touching, the cone. Other players sit quietly about 10 feet away opposite the cone guard. They take turns, one at a time, sneaking up to the cone. When the cone guard hears someone sneaking up to the cone, the guard must point toward the noise heard. If the guard points directly at the approaching player, then that player is out. The player who succeeds in stealing the cone becomes the next cone guard.
Variation: Instead of taking the cone away, try placing the cone in front of the blindfolded person without being caught.

Cub Scout Vespers Song
(Tune: O Tannenbaum)
Softly falls the light of day
As our campfire fades away.
Silently each Cub should ask
“Have I done my daily task?”
“For my country done my best?”
“Prayed to God before I rest?”
“Helped a friend along the way?”
“Have I done my best today?”
(Akela’s Council Songbook)

Craft or Activity:
Faith in God Activities:
Wolf: Outdoor Adventure Elective 18a, b, c, d, e and 19c – Faith in God – Serving Others #7
Character Connection for Faith and Duty to God - Achievement 11 – Faith in God -  Learning and Living the Gospel – # 1,2,4,6,8 and Developing Talents #2.

Bear: Ways we worship Achievement 1 - Faith in God – Learning and living the Gospel - #1, 2,4,5,6,8,10. The Past is Exciting and Important Achievement 8d, f –Faith in God - Learning and Living the Gospel #8.

Webelos: Webelos Badge #8 –Faith in God -  Learning and Living the Gospel -#1,3,6, and -Serving others - #1. Artist   – Faith in God – Developing Talents #4. Citizen – Faith in God – Learning and Living the Gospel #7, Serving Others - #1, 8. Communicator – Faith in God- Serving Others #2.

Belt Loop:
Heritage, Communicating, Music, Art, Citizen, Physical Fitness.

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