Wednesday, April 10, 2013

BSA Survey to allow you to voice your opinion regarding allowing avowed gays in the Boy Scouts of America


We were asked to post information on how to gain access to the BSA survey if not received in an email...

While the Boy Scout National survey I told you about at Round Table is only open to those invited to participate, you still have an opportunity to express your opinion, but first let me outline the process:
·         Planning – The BSA defines the desired process and intended outcomes. (Feb. 6-28)
·         Listening – The BSA’s standing committees engage key stakeholders for input and develop a summary impact report. (March 1 – April 5)
·         Evaluating – The BSA’s officers review the summary impact report and prepare a resolution for the consideration of the National council voting members. (April 5-17)
·         Educating – The report and resolution are shared with the voting members of the National council. (April 18 – May 24)
·         Deciding – The BSA conducts on-site information sessions for registered participants at its National Annual Meeting. (May 22-24)
·         Implementing – Based on the resolution and vote, the BSA will determine and implement next steps for the organization. (May 24-ongoing)
We are currently in the listening phase.
More information can be obtained at:
If you desire to express your views that can be done via email at:
or by mail at:
Boy Scouts of America
National Council
P.O. Box 152079
Irving, Texas 75015-2079
Or by phone:
Unfortunately you will not be able to take the survey unless it was sent to you by BSA.  Still the volume of interested parties is of value.  May I suggest you include the following in your communication:
·         Name
·         That you are a registered adult volunteer
·         How long you have been a volunteer
·         If you were an Eagle Scout
·         Your opinion regarding allowing avowed gays in the Boy Scouts
·         3-5 bulleted reasons why
Please be respectful but firm in your tone of voice
Thank you for your interest.
Craig Skidmore

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