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Roundtable TOMORROW Thursday April 11th at 7pm

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Roundtable will be tomorrow Thursday April 11th at 7:00pm in the HOLLOWCREST building at 6400 W. SR92  (11000 N.) in Highland
     This month we will be discussing the theme   CUB CAFE and the Core Value is HEALTH AND FITNESS   Some of the things we will be discussing are:
    • In the GENERAL MEETING, we will...
      • Have a lot of fun and we have a lalk about.
      • In the Committee Class, we will be talking about derbies of all kinds.  Hope you can come.
    • We will have lots of tables set up to display anything you are willing to bring to show.  Please help us out and bring something!!  We would love to have stuff about anything Cub Scouting, but especially about the theme or Core Value listed above in red.

We have a BLOG!  It has lots of Cub Scouting Crafts and Information.  Check it out at
and check out our sister site   for tracking sheets, Blue & Gold Ideas, and lots of great cub scouting ideas

   The next Leader Position-Specific (BASIC) Training will be March 23 from 9:00am to 12:30pm at the Council Service Center in Orem.  New Leaders, Leaders who have switched positions, and Leaders who have not gone to Basic Training in two years are asked to attend.  Registration is open until March 22.  For more information and for other dates click here.  The address for the Orem Scout Office is 748 N. 1340 W.  Every new leader or any leader in a new Scouting position should take the online courses for Fast Start, This is Scouting and Youth Protection Training available at for their new position prior to attending Leader Position-Specific Training, if possible.

Another training opportunity is Akela's Council.  The next one coming up will be in conjunction with Family Odyssey July 22-27, 2013 at Tifie Scout Camp.  Please consider going to this.  It is considered Woodbadge for Cub Scouters.  It is for brand new or experienced Cub Scouter Leaders.  It is an amazing course, plus you will get a beautiful silver pin to wear on your uniform by your knots.  Click here for more info.   I have attached a flyer with more information, and have also added some additional information at the bottom of this e-mail or  click here.  Your Stake, Ward, & Pack will be greatly blessed if you can get one or more of your Cub Scout Leaders to attend.

The Teddy Bear Den needs your help! The Teddy Bear Den is a prenatal incentive program sponsored by the March of Dimes Utah Chapter. The program provides free baby care products to low-income, pregnant women for practicing healthy behaviors throughout their pregnancies.  One out of every 10 babies is born too soon, placing significant emotional and financial strain on affected families. The Teddy Bear Den helps ease the burdens placed on low-income, pregnant women by providing them with baby care items they could not otherwise afford. The program encourages women to receive adequate prenatal care, furthering the March of Dimes mission to reduce and prevent premature birth, birth defects and infant mortality.  The Teddy Bear Den relies on donations to keep our shelves stocked. Please consider a diaper drive for your next Scout Project. We are in need of diapers, baby wipes, blankets, new baby clothing, baby shampoo/wash, baby powder, diaper ointment, Vaseline and baby lotion. Cash donations to use towards these items are also appreciated. When you help the Teddy Bear Den, you will do something to make a difference in the lives of thousands of Utah families.  Please contact me with any questions you may have. Thank you so much for your consideration.  Contact Shawnie O'Neil at 801-327-9464.

Every ward should have one or more Den Chiefs per Den to make the pack run more smoothly.  Need your Den Chiefs trained?  Call Nancy Brimhall 801-492-0864 or and she will come and train your Den Chiefs and their leaders to teach everyone more about the importance of Den Chiefs.  Did you know there is a permanent shoulder cord your Den Chief can wear the entire time he is in the scouting program if he earns his Den Chief Award? Click here for more info

  We are needing volunteers to help with Roundtable!!  Know of anyone that would be amazing?  You can volunteer to do a lot or just a little to help - even just to be a substitute.  Many hands make light work.  There is a cool knot you can get for being on Roundtable Staff.   Click here for more info. This is perfect for someone currently working with Cubs, or for someone who got released, but loves the scouting program.  It is a great way to add to your scouting years.  Did you know that none of us have been "called" to serve as Roundtable Staff?  The Council now wants it to be a volunteer position.  PLEASE VOLUNTEER!!  Do you know anyone who is amazing in Cub Scouts?  Let us know and we will call and talk to them!

While the Boy Scout National survey I told you about at Round Table is only open to those invited to participate, you still have an opportunity to express your opinion, but first let me outline the process:
·         Planning – The BSA defines the desired process and intended outcomes. (Feb. 6-28)
·         Listening – The BSA's standing committees engage key stakeholders for input and develop a summary impact report. (March 1 – April 5)
·         Evaluating – The BSA's officers review the summary impact report and prepare a resolution for the consideration of the National council voting members. (April 5-17)
·         Educating – The report and resolution are shared with the voting members of the National council. (April 18 – May 24)
·         Deciding – The BSA conducts on-site information sessions for registered participants at its National Annual Meeting. (May 22-24)
·         Implementing – Based on the resolution and vote, the BSA will determine and implement next steps for the organization. (May 24-ongoing)
We are currently in the listening phase.
More information can be obtained at:
If you desire to express your views that can be done via email at:
or by mail at:
Boy Scouts of America
National Council
P.O. Box 152079
Irving, Texas 75015-2079
Or by phone:
Unfortunately you will not be able to take the survey unless it was sent to you by BSA.  Still the volume of interested parties is of value.  May I suggest you include the following in your communication:
·         Name
·         That you are a registered adult volunteer
·         How long you have been a volunteer
·         If you were an Eagle Scout
·         Your opinion regarding allowing avowed gays in the Boy Scouts
·         3-5 bulleted reasons why
Please be respectful but firm in your tone of voice
Thank you for your interest.
Craig Skidmore

A couple more fun things:
I have attached some files to this e-mail that will help those of you who are Cub Scout leaders.  Look for the files attached to this e-mail.
And, here are a few additional web sites.  Click on these links below to view some fun sites where there is great scouting information...
  • - A site that has PRINTABLE tracking sheets, Blue & Gold PRINTABLE ideas, Neckerchief slides, and lots of other fun cub scout ideas 
  • Scouter Mom - A site that has lots of Cub Scouting info.
  • The Idea Door - a great site that people submit things they have done.  It is a great cub scout resource.
  • Baloo's Bugle - A monthly Online Roundtable - usually about a 80 page booklet that changes every month.  If you have never looked at it, do it NOW!!  This month I attached a copy as an attachment.
Have a really cool form or favorite website you are willing to share?  E-mail me back the info so we can share it with everyone!  That is what Roundtables are for.  No sense in re-inventing the wheel every time!

This e-mail was sent by:                                                                   
VaLayne Ostler                                                                          
Alpine District Cubs Staff

The Alpine District Cub Scout Commissioner is: Rebekah Kaylor  h 801-756-7668  c 801-319-2764 or
This year, Utah National Parks Council will be putting on their 29th session of Akela's Council.  It will give you twice the opportunities to attend.  Akela's Council was started in 1987, this is the 27th year this training has been held.  Akela's Council is a 4 1/2 day training.  The next one coming up will be in conjunction with Family Odyssey July 22-27, 2013 at Tifie Scout Camp.  Akela's Council is similar to Woodbadge, but specifically and perfect for Cub Scout Leaders.  Please try to attend, and encourage your Cub Scout Leaders to attend this training.  Remember... a good Cub Scout Leader is a well trained Cub Scout Leader.  Attached is a paper application for the course with more information.

Here is a link to a 3-4 minute video about Akela's Council.
Here are the top 50 items you will learn at Akela's Council:
  1. Flag Etiquette
  2. Respect
  3. Family Involvement
  4. Ceremonies
  5. Uniforms & Insignia
  6. Elements of a Den Meeting
  7. Pinewood Derby's, Paper Rockets, Raingutter Regatta's
  8. Cub Anapolis
  9. Patriotism
  10. Pack Meeting Planning
  11. Crafts
  12. Genius Kits
  13. Conservation Awareness
  14. Cubs in the Kitchen
  15. Communicating with Parents
  16. Positive Attitudes
  17. Cub Leader Book
  18. Games & Teaching Ideas
  19. Den Doodles
  20. Communications
  21. Keys to a Successful Pack
  22. Round Table Instruction
  23. Positive Value Emphasis
  24. Enjoying Nature
  25. Pack Meetings
  26. Gathering Activities
  27. Working as a Team
  28. Attitudes & Skills
  29. District Leader Training
  30. Skits & Puppets
  31. Webelos Ree Outdoors
  32. Talking Feather
  33. Flag Ceremonies
  34. Den Flags
  35. Treasure Hunts
  36. Denners & Asst. Denners
  37. Den Chiefs
  38. New Program Information
  39. Leader Appreciation
  40. Campfire Etiquette
  41. Special Events
  42. Costuming
  43. BSA Structure
  44. Observing Nature
  45. Take a Hike
  46. Outdoor Code
  47. Listening to Nature
  48. Uniform Inspections
  49. Blue & Gold Banquet
  50. Cub Scout Songs
If anyone has any questions on Akela's Council, you are welcome to:
go to our website at
Call Utah National Parks Council Services at 801-437-6222
Call VaLayne Ostler 801-763-0377

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