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Theme: CUB SCOUTS GIVE THANKS ideas for the Wolf Den and Bear Den and Webelos Den- Skits, Game, Song, Crafts and Activities

Theme: Cub Scouts Give Thanks
Skits, Jokes, and Run-ons:
MAGIC MUD                                                           
( Utah National Parks Pow Wow Book 2010-2011)
You will need a den of 6 Cub Scouts and a sign that says "Magic Mud".
Setting: Boys are gathered around the sign in the center of the stage.
All: Did you ever wonder as you pass a little stretch of mud and grass, what nature may be hiding there, within this spot a few feet square? Let's gather round and take a look, and like the pages in a book, we'll study it with open eyes. Can soil like this hold a surprise?
Cub 1: Here's a freshly patterned animal track where a rabbit hopped across.
Cub 2: I see a stream of busy ants, carrying tidbits as they dance.
Cub 3: Look! A feather blue and gray dropped off by a screaming Jay.
Cub 4: Sprinkled here are sprouting seeds from lofty elms and sprawling seeds.
Cub 5: A pebble smoothed by action slow, formed a million years ago.
Cub 6: In a puddled spot not yet dried out, a water beetle swims about.
Cub 1: And here an eager plant is set, an early blooming violet.
Cub 2: A wiggle worm comes up to twitch; no one knows which end is which.
Cub 3: The mud itself, with food stores vast, from life that grew in ages past.
Cub 4: It's not all nature mud reveals: here's a candy wrapper and two toy
Cub 5: There's something moving-what's that now? I'll pick it up. A bee, oh! Ow!
Cub 6: Quick, here's some mud upon the spot, to take away the soreness hot.
All: In mud there are stone and living things, healing power for bitter stings. Through it flows the earth's lifeblood and evidence of a Creator. Our soil is really Magic Mud.
Cub Scouts Give Thanks
Disabilities Awareness Day
Cub Scouts will be more grateful for what they have after trying some of these activities from the Cub Scout Leader How To Book (p. 6-14):
 Blindfolded Obstacle Course
 Wheelchair Maneuvering
 Life without Sound
 I Can’t Use This Hand

Addams Family Grace
TUNE: The Addams Family
ACTION: Cross arms when snapping fingers
Da da da dum (snap snap)
Da da da dum (snap snap)
Da da da dum, Da da da dum Da da da dum (snap snap)
We thank the Lord for giving
The things we need for living
The food, the fun, the friendship
The scouting fam-i-ly.
(Repeat CHORUS)
We thank you for our food Lord
For mom and dad and You Lord
We thank you for our food Lord
The scouting fam-i-ly.
(Repeat CHORUS)
We thank you for this day Lord
For friends and fam-i-ly Lord
We thank you for this food Lord
We eat now gracefully
Ah-ah amen (snap snap)
Ah-ah amen (snap snap)
Ah-ah amen, Ah-ah amen Ah-ah amen (snap snap)
Submission Credit:

Craft or Activity:
Wolf:  Elective 21b -Write a letter to say Thank you.

 Bear:  Achievement 18e – Write a Thank you note.

Webelos: Communicator 11 - Letter of Appreciation. Artist #10 – Create a collage that expresses something about you and what you are thankful for.

Belt Loops: Disabilities Awareness, Heritages, Wildlife Conservation and any sports belt loop.

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