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Core Value: Courage - Ideas for Wolf, Bear, Webelos Den, including skit, game, song, Gospel Principle, and Scripture

Core Value: Courage
Skit, Joke, Run-on:
(Baloo’s Bugle April 2000)
Setting: An old man is digging in his garden. Beside him on the ground is a young sapling tree, which he is preparing to plant. Two men come up to him, stop, and watch what he is doing.
Man #1: What kind of tree are you planting?
Old Man: (Stops digging and wipes his brow) It is an apple tree.
Man #2: (astonished) AN APPLE TREE? Well, how old are you?
Old Man: I'm 90 years old.
Man #1: You're 90 years old! And you're planting a tree that will not give fruit for many years?
Old Man: Why not?
Man #2: Well, you'll probably not be around when that tree finally bears fruit.
Old Man: Tell me, did either of you eat any apples when you were little boys?
Both: Of course we did. Why?
Old Man: Then tell me this - who planted the trees that you got those apples from?
Man #2: Well it must have been, HMMM?
Man #1: I don't know.
Old Man: You see, someone planted the trees before you were born for you to enjoy and now I'm doing the same for those who come after me. How else can I repay those who planted trees before I was born?
Man #1: You are a very wise man.
Man #2: And we have been very foolish.
Old Man: Thank you, and remember that what we do for our land today will be around for many years from now. So make sure you leave something that you will be proud of in the future.

This is a good game for pack meeting to get parents involved. The boys and parents stand in a circle by dens holding hands. Everyone numbers off alternately one or two. On the signal, keeping legs and backs as straight as possible, the players who are "ones" lean forward toward the center of the circle, while the "twos" lean outward. Players counterbalance each other for support. Once the group has gotten its balance, slowly reverse the leaners. Then have the players see how smoothly they can alternate.

Songs of the Armed Forces

Wolf Achievement 12a- Making Choices
Bear Achievement 11g- Be Ready
Webelos Readyman Activity Badge
Gospel Principle: 2000 Stripling Warriors
Elder Rex D. Pinegar, a member of the Seventy, said: “Those of you who have read the Book of Mormon are familiar with the story of the sons of Helaman. (See Alma 53:56–58.) When their fathers were converted to the gospel, the fathers covenanted with the Lord that they would never again take up arms. But eventually their homes were threatened by hostile armies to the extent that the fathers would have to choose to fight or die. It was then that the two thousand young men, not bound by the same covenant, volunteered to defend their parents and their homes” (in Conference Report, Oct. 1982, 34; or Ensign, Nov. 1982, 25). What can we learn from their faith and actions? President James E. Faust told the Aaronic Priesthood holders of the Church: “To me, you young men look like Helaman’s stripling warriors, ‘exceedingly valiant for courage, and also for strength and activity.’ Like them, we hope you are men who are ‘true at all times in whatsoever thing [you are] entrusted’” (in Conference Report, Apr. 1998, 57; or Ensign, May 1998, 43).

Scripture: Alma 53:20

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