Monday, October 7, 2013

Theme: Down on the Farm: Ideas for Wolf, Bear, Webelos Dens - including jokes, games, song, activities and belt loops

October Theme: Down on the Farm
Skit, joke or run-on:
How did the farmer count his cows?
With a "cowculator."

How do you fix a jack-o'-lantern?
With a pumpkin patch!
Baloo’s Bugle September 2013
Animal Name Game
Great Salt Lake Council
Put the correct letter in front of the appropriate space.
_____ 1. adult female horse A. piglet
_____ 2. adult male goat B. rooster
_____ 3. a horse not yet a year old C. calf
_____ 4. baby cow          D. drake
_____ 5. young male horse    E. colt
_____ 6. adult male duck     F. mare
_____ 7. baby pig            G. buck or billy
_____ 8. adult male chicken H. foal
_____ 9. young duck       I. ewe
_____ 10. young goat      J. poults
_____ 11. adult male horse     K. kid
_____ 12. adult female pig L. duckling
_____ 13. adult male cattle M. stallion
_____ 14. adult female sheep N. sow
_____ 15. young chickens     O. bull
Answers: 1-F, 2-G, 3-H, 4-C, 5-E, 6-D, 7-A, 8-B,
 9-L, 10-K, 11-M, 12-N, 13-O, 14-I, 15-J
Baloo’s Bugle September 2013

Oh, I Had A Silly Chicken
Tune: Turkey in the Straw
Oh, I had a silly chicken
And she wouldn’t lay an egg,
So I poured hot water
Up and down her leg,
And she giggled and she giggled,
And she giggled all the day.
And my poor little chicken
Laid a hard-boiled egg.
Baloo’s Bugle September 2013

Visit a botanical garden or other agricultural exhibition in your area. Wolf Elective 15e
Field trip to Thanksgiving Point – Farm Country –Bear Elective 16

Belt Loops: Pet Care, Fishing

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