Saturday, October 12, 2013

Theme: Your Vote Counts- Ideas for Wolf, Bear, Webelos Dens, including Skit, Game, Song and Activities

Theme: Your Vote Counts

Skit, Joke or Run-on:
“How Did You Get Here?” Skit
Den Chief: Transportation played a very important part in the settling of America. How did you get here?
Cub Scout #1: If the Pilgrims came over on the Mayflower, how did the Scouts get here?
Cub Scout #2: I don’t know. How?
Cub Scout #1: (Cub Scout comes on stage with a sample of a handicraft project and sign identifying it) On handy crafts.
Cub Scout #3: If the Pilgrims came on the Mayflower and the Scouts came on Handy Crafts, how did the doctors get here?
Cub Scout #4: I don’t know. How?
Cub Scout #3: (dressed as a doctor) On blood vessels.
Cub Scout #1: How did the students get here?
Cub Scout #2: (enters carrying a load of books) On scholar ships.
Cub Scout #3: How did all the ordinary people get here?
Cub Scout #4: (enters carrying a model or picture of a ship) On citizen ships
Utah National Parks Council Pow Wow Book 2013 Page 69-70 (Submission Credit: National Capital Area Council 1993 Pow Wow Book)

Game: Are You a Revolutionary Detective?
from Baltimore Area Council
See if you can find the words that are hidden in these American Revolutionary clues. Example: A penny found in BICENTENNIAL is CENT.) Can you find:
1.        Sixty seconds in MINUTEMEN? ________________________
2.        Your laundry in GEORGE WASHINGTON? _______________
3.        Two thousand pounds in BOSTON TEA PARTY? __________
4.        What you write with in INDEPENDENCE HALL? __________
5.        Where beavers live in JOHN ADAMS? ___________________
6.        A type of cereal in RED COATS? ________________________
7.        A yellow vegetable in GENERAL CORNWALLIS? __________
8.        What you put on toast in BENJAMIN FRANKLIN? _________
9.        A metal in CONTINENTAL CONGRESS? ________________
10.     A place where you bowl in VALLEY FORGE? _____________
11.     A musical instrument in MONTICELLO? __________________
12.     The opposite of young in BENEDICT ARNOLD? ___________
13.     A boy’s name in LIBERTY BELL? _______________________
14.     What an unruly mob does in PATRIOTS? __________________
15.     The sum of five plus five in BICENTENNIAL? _____________
1. Minute, 2. Wash, 3. Ton, 4. Pen, 5. Dams, 6. Oats, 7. Corn, 8. Jam, 9. Tin, 10. Alley, 11. Cello, 12. Old, 13. Bert, 14. Riots, 15. Ten,

Song:  I Am A Citizen Song
TUNE: My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean
I’m learning to be a good citizen,
I’m learning we all have some rights.
I’m learning each right has a duty,
I must keep them both in my sights.
Rights and Duties
They both go together, you know, you know
Rights and Duties
Good Citizenship I must show
We all have a right to religion,
To worship the way that we please,
But that means I have to allow you
Your choice, though I may not agree.
We all have the right to assemble
To gather with people we know,
And all have the freedom of speaking
If citizenship is to grow.
We each have the right to make choices
And no one can threaten that choice.
I may not agree with your statements,
But each one can raise his own voice.

Craft or Activity:
Volunteer to do a flag raising at your school or chartered organization.  You could also have the boys make posters, each one with a different way that students could demonstrate being a good citizen.
Volunteer to sing a patriotic song as part of a ceremony at your school, church or chartered organization
 Encourage citizens to vote with “Remember to Vote” door hangers.  You can have the boys design their own, then make copies from a computer scan and have each boy, with an adult, put them on neighborhood front doors.
Visit a polling place or precinct office and learn how elections are held and votes are counted. See how voting is made accessible to people with language or mobility issues.  Be sure everyone knows that no political clothing can be worn and no campaigning comments are allowed at a polling place.
Attend a community event in your area – many communities have special Veteran’s Day events – or there might be a special activity for Thanksgiving.
flagPut up flags to honor veteran’s at a local cemetery.  Contact a local VFW or local cemeteries to get flags for putting out flags on graves of Veterans – this may only be done in older cemeteries.
Newer national cemeteries instead have a Memorial Avenue of full-size flags donated by families – flags that were used to cover veteran or military caskets.  They are flown on every holiday and whenever there is a funeral for active military.  Your group might be able to arrange to help with this ceremony.

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