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Theme: Head West, Young Man - Ideas for Wolf, Bear, and Webelos Den, including Jokes, game, song, Gospel Principle and Scripture

Theme: Head West Young Man

Skit, Joke, Run-on:
Boy 1: When you are on a wagon train trip, how will you know when you are getting into wild country?
Boy 2: When you see a sign that says, "Bear to the Right."
Submission Credit: Viking Council

Tex: My uncle can shoot a gun faster than any other man in the West. He can even shoot without removing the gun from his holster.
Rex: What do they call your uncle?
Tex: Toeless Joe.
Submission Credit: Heart of America Council

Cowboy: I broke three wild horses this morning.
Tenderfoot: How careless of you!
Submission Credit: Heart of America Council

Q: What is cowhide most used for?
A: Holding cows together.

Q: What did the mother buffalo say to her boy as he was leaving?
A: Bison.
Utah National Parks Council 2012-2013 Pow Wow Book pg 226

Lasso Your Partners Race
Materials: 2 hula hoops
Directions: Divide the boys in two different circles. Each circle does the same thing but separately. Have the boys hold hands with the boy on either side. Break each circle in one place and hang a hula hoop on a boy’s shoulder/arm, and then reattach the circle. The point of the game is for the boys to see which group/circle can get the hula hoop back to the beginning point first by lassoing all the boys in their circle the fastest. Each boy has to work his whole body through the hula hoop and pass it to the next boy and they can’t break the circle or let go of each other’s hands.
Note: They have to work together to lift and lower bodies while one player is trying to get his head and arms through a hoop or step his body through the hoop.
Utah National Parks Council 2012-2013 Pow Wow Book  pg 218

Goin’on a Bear Hunt

This is a Repeat-After-Me song!
Goin’ on a bear hunt (repeat)
Gonna catch a big one (repeat)
I'm not scared (repeat)
Lovely day (repeat)
CHORUS: Tall trees Green grass And loooooookin’ at flowers
And loooooookin’ at flowers.
I see a field (repeat)
We can't go around it (repeat)
Can't go over it (repeat)
So we gotta go through it (repeat)
 Let's go! (repeat)
(Do motions as if going through a field with large grass, tall shrubs etc.)
(Repeat Chorus)
I see a big tree (repeat)
We can't go around it (repeat)
Can't go through it (repeat)
So we gotta go over it (repeat)
Let's climb (repeat)
(Do climbing motions until you get to the top)
Look around (repeat)
You see a bear? (repeat)
No? (repeat)
Climb down (repeat)
(Do motions as if going down the tree.)
(Repeat Chorus)
I see a lake (repeat)
We can't go around it (repeat)
We can't go over it (repeat)
So we gotta go through it (repeat)
Take off your socks (repeat)
Take off your shoes (repeat)
 Jump in the water (repeat)
Let's start swimming (repeat)
 Stop, tread water (repeat)
Do you see a bear? (repeat)
No? (repeat)
Keep swimming (repeat)
Get out of the water (repeat)
 Put on your socks (repeat)
 Put on your shoes (repeat)
Let's keep going (repeat)
(Repeat Chorus)
 I see a cave (repeat)
We can't go around it (repeat)
Can't go over it (repeat)
So we gotta go in it (repeat)
OK let's go in (repeat)
It's dark (repeat)
 It's creepy (repeat) Stop, I feel something (repeat)
 It's furry (repeat)
It's big (repeat)
 It has eyes (repeat)
 IT'S A BEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAARRRRRRRR!!!!!!! (repeat) (Really fast)
Get out of the cave (repeat)
Run, Jump in the water (repeat)
Start swimming (repeat)
Get out of the water (repeat)
Run. Go up the tree, down the tree
(repeat) Keep running. Go through the field (repeat)
 We're almost home (repeat) Go up the stairs (repeat)
 Open the door, close the door (repeat)
Whew...we made it home safe (repeat)

The faith, courage, and determination of the Pioneer Saints carried them through cold, hunger, and the deaths of loved ones. William Clayton was called to be in one of the first groups to leave Nauvoo.   While on the trail to the Salt Lake Valley, William sat down and wrote “Come, Come, Ye Saints,” and the famous lines expressed his faith and the faith of the thousands of Saints who sang in the midst of adversity: “All is well! All is well!” They, like the members who have followed them, found the joy and peace that are the rewards of sacrifice and obedience in the kingdom of God.

Scripture: 1 Nephi 3:7

7 And it came to pass that I, Nephi, said unto my father: I will go and do the things which the Lord hath commanded, for I know that the Lord giveth no commandments unto the children of men, save he shall prepare a way for them that they may accomplish the thing which he commandeth them.

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